Watch or listen to an overview of the Draft Plan from the January 31st Planning Board Public Hearing.

Review the Draft Plan. The one-month public comment period has closed. Thank you for your feedback!

Worcester Now | Next is a two-year-long citywide planning process that is engaging the community on issues such as land use and urban form, housing, transportation and mobility, economic opportunity, arts and culture, recreation, open space and environment, and services and facilities.

The project will generate a long-range plan that knits together past, present, and future initiatives covering the entire City, from downtown to its dozens of neighborhoods. The plan will provide a coordinated roadmap for the future development and evolution of the City, and will establish a framework for more detailed studies down the road, but is not meant to be a granular study of every issue.

Join us in developing a citywide plan that focuses on inclusion, integrity, and innovation as core values guiding growth and change in the city. 

The Draft Plan was available for public comment through February 25th. The comment period has closed – thank you for your feedback!

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