Worcester Now | Next Citywide Plan Spring Survey

We’re eager to hear your opinions and big ideas on issues in and affecting the city, including housing, economic opportunity, natural and cultural resources, open space and recreation, services and facilities, land use, and transportation. Your responses to this survey will help define the focus and key issues for the planning process.

How It Works

  1. Read and vote on the existing statements.
    For each statement, click Agree, Disagree, or Pass. You might decide to pass, for example, because a statement is vague or confusing, or it does not apply to you. You do not need to answer every question. Even answering ten questions meaningfully contributes to the data. You can also come back at another time to answer more questions.
  1. Add your own statement! Click in the field below the conversation (“share perspective”), type your statement, and click Submit. A good statement is a concise, stand-alone idea that raises a new perspective. Statements relevant to the topics covered by Now | Next will be considered for inclusion into the survey. Statements that are derogatory, irrelevant to the plan, or attack individuals or groups will not be added.

Please note that statements are displayed semi-randomly, and many of the statements you’ll see have been submitted by fellow respondents. Inclusion of a statement does not imply endorsement or agreement. This survey is anonymous. See the results and full list of submitted statements so far here. Read our Spring Survey FAQ if you have questions about how the survey works and how it will be used in the planning process.

Worcester Now | Next is an eighteen-month-long citywide planning process that will engage the community in exploring issues such as transportation and mobility, housing, economic development, climate, urban form, and land use, among many others.

The project will generate a long-range plan that knits together past, present, and future initiatives covering the entire City, from downtown to its dozens of neighborhoods. The plan will provide a coordinated roadmap for the future development and evolution of the City, and will establish a framework for more detailed studies down the road, but is not meant to be a granular study of every issue.

Join us in developing a citywide plan that focuses on inclusion, integrity, and innovation as core values guiding growth and change in the city. 

Learn more below about the process and how to get involved.



Worcester Now | Next is underway!

The Worcester Now | Next Citywide Plan, a long-range comprehensive planning effort, began in Spring 2022 and is anticipated to end in June 2023. Guided by inclusive public engagement, the process will address housing, land use, environmental issues, transportation, and economic development throughout the City of Worcester.


How do I get involved in Worcester Now | Next? 

The City is inviting all Worcester community members to engage in the planning process and help shape the Plan. Learn how to get involved, view our events calendar, sign up for email notifications, and please spread the word using the project hashtag #NowNextWorcester! 


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Community Organizer Selected

After conducting a search for qualified local candidates to join the project team through an application and interview process, the Utile consulting team selected Guillermo Creamer as the local Community Organizer to facilitate deep engagement with the Worcester community throughout this planning process. You can get in touch with Guillermo via email at nownext@utiledesign.com. 


Take the Spring Citywide Survey! 

The first of many public engagement opportunities is live! Take a few minutes to vote on statements and share your own thoughts on important issues facing Worcester and your big ideas for the future. Simply scroll up on this page and follow the instructions to participate.

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